Sabic and Anthony Veder Pioneer LNG as a clean Marine Fuel in the North Sea and commission an LNG-Bunker Facility in the UK

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At the beginning of 2014, a consortium consisting of chemical leader SABIC, gas-shipping company Anthony Veder, terminal operator Inter Terminals and port operator Associated British Ports launched a project called ‘LNG uptake in the UK’: a real-life trial with the first small scale bunkering infrastructure in Teesport and innovative LNG-fuelled vessels’. The European Union supported the pioneering approach to slashing emissions and granted financial aid as part of their TEN-T (trans-European transport network) program.

The LNG Bunkering project aimed to implement a bunkering infrastructure for ships fuelled by LNG, sailing across the North and Baltic seas. The consortium that delivered the world’s first LNG-fuelled gas carriers in 2014, now successfully delivered a fully- operational LNG-bunkering facility and completed scaling up studies to boost further roll-out of LNG-fuel supply and demand in the UK.

LNG is a clean-fuel option, attractive for inland river and sea shipping and is critical in meeting new EU sulphur emission regulations in marine fuels. The benefits of LNG don’t stop there – the new ships will reduce NOx emissions by over 85%, SOx-emissions and soot particles by nearly 100% and CO2 by 20%.

Based on an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset, companies like SABIC and Anthony Veder, have set a new standard for marine supply chains in terms of sustainability by minimizing emissions. About half of the 10,000 ships currently engaged in intra-EU shipping may benefit from these developments.

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