Clear Focus

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Clear focus



In 1967 Anthony Veder dies of heart failure, at the age of 53. His heirs, his widow and two daughters, decide to continue the business. Over the years the family’s ties with the company slacken and the family decides to sell the business: in 1991, the Anthony Veder Group and the company’s other business activities are sold to a group of investors that include the HAL investment company. Over the course of the years the investors of the first hour, the group that take over Anthony Veder in 1991, have all been bought out and the shipowner is now owned by HAL Investments and a private family.

Decision to focus on the gas shipping sector

Once Anthony Veder Group is taken over, in 1991, the new owners review the future of the company, which is comprised of the shipowner business serving a variety of markets and many highly varied operations and companies – including interests in real estate, insurance, line and port agents, car rentals and stevedore companies. The first priority is to streamline the operations.

They decide to sell the unrelated businesses, which are divested in the coming years. The company decides to focus exclusively on the transport of gas: the owners see prospects for this segment, the company has been acquiring gas transport knowledge and experience since back in 1969, and has all the necessary technology. The travel agency (a separate company) is the sole non-shipowner business that remains a member of the Anthony Veder Group.

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