lng shipping

Shipping of Liquefied Natural Gas

LNG shipping

Based on our strong presence in liquid gas transportation there is a firm foundation to expend our small and midscale LNG shipping activities in various regions around the globe. For remote places, through smaller terminals, LNG is an alternative cleaner energy source for various industries such as power generation, retail distribution, and more importantly bunker fuel for other ships. Anthony Veder is operating and expanding its LNG fleet which opens possibilities to future LNG trades.

Furthermore reliable services are achieved by experiences gained in the past years with world’s first combined small scale LNG/LEG/ETH carrier the Coral Methane (pictured above) and dedicated LNG carrier Coral Energy (pictured bellow). We have proven to be a reliable partner in long-term commitments and the developments of new LNG projects. The company’s flexibility is expanded with a structured and project tailored approach such as: joint venture structures for vessels, or alternatives to traditional contract structures that are encountered in traditional shipping. This creates higher chances of success for both ourselves and above all our existing and future clients. For more LNG shipping innovations see Cases: Coral Methane and Coral Energy.

Case Coral methane

World’s first LNG/LPG/LEG carrier states model for small scale LNG shipping. This unique ship is compatible with every type of terminal.

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Case coral energy

Today’s LNG requirements of clients ask for an innovative logistical solution in small to mid-size LNG shipping. Dual-fuel engine and ice class 1A make this ship versatile.

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case bunker feeder vessel

The 7,500 cbm LNG Bunker & Feeder vessel concept is combining the best of two worlds.
Allowing our clients to competitively serve both their terminal ánd bunker customers at the same time.

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