Case Coral Methane

Small to medium scale LNG shipping

coral methane

The combined LNG/LPG/LEG carrier “Coral Methane” was launched in 2009 as world’s first small scale combined LNG/LPG/LEG carrier. The development of this unique ship started in 2006 as an innovative study by Anthony Veder for Norwegian client Gasnor. Gasnor produces and distributes natural gas as a clean energy source to various places in Norway. In 2006 Gasnor’s extensive Norwegian pipe and truck distribution network was to be further expanded  by small scale LNG shipping. As such they were able to reach more clients in remote areas along the long coast of Norway (25,000 km). Clients which are using LNG as fuel for propulsion of: supply vessels, car ferries, cars and buses.

A challenging logistical solution for Gasnor was found in Anthony Veder’s optimal size and flexibility in the conceived vessel. A unique concept was developed for a small scale carrier with diesel-gas-electric propulsion with POD’s for maximum operational flexibility, manoeuvrability and safety in Norwegian’s fjord located small ports and terminals. From a compatibility point of view another major operational challenge was found in transporting LNG from large sale terminals (e.g. Zeebrugge Belgium, Huelva Spain) to various small scale terminals along the Norwegian coast. Therefore the ship is equipped with 2 manifolds (high and low) and flexible hoses in order to succeed in different types of LNG transfers from ship to shore and vice versa. Besides logistical challenges, an environmental challenge had to be covered. With respect to nature, society, and local communities; Anthony Veder developed a vessel that has an as clean as possible operation, resulting in an innovative small scale LNG carrier using LNG as fuel.

The Coral Methane is suitable for shipping various cargoes (LNG/LPG/LEG) which makes the vessel deployable in multiple trades resulting in higher than average utilisation rates of the vessel. After several years of service the Coral Methane has proved to be a successful logistical concept and solution for transporting LNG to numerous remote places in an environmentally responsible way. The vessel forms an unique example and benchmark for various small scale LNG opportunities that exist around the globe and are moving towards feasible business cases with our help.

In 2008 the Coral Methane won the Innovation Award of the Royal Association of Dutch Shipowners (KVNR)