Case Coral Energy

Small- to midsize LNG Shipping

Coral Energy

The LNG carrier “Coral Energy” is world’s first direct driven dual-fuel ice-class 1A LNG carrier. The development of the ship started in 2010 for client Skangass, Scandinavia’s natural gas provider.

For distribution of LNG in Scandinavia Skangass was looking for a small to medium scale LNG carrier. The suitable vessel size, depending on their plant- and terminal demands, was determined after a process of logistical optimisation. With the “Coral Energy” Skangass and Anthony Veder make it possible to deliver LNG in an environmental friendly way as a cleaner energy source, to remote places and to smaller terminals where the LNG can be used amongst other as bunker fuel for other ships, power generation, and retail distribution.

One of the innovations applied on the vessel is the direct drive dual-fuel engine. In this way the propulsion system is efficient and with LNG as marine fuel the propulsion provides a eco-friendly ship operation. Besides this innovative aspect, the vessel is an educational platform for Dutch seafarers on knowledge of LNG as cargo and as marine fuel. Due to her size and in-house developed innovative compatibility package, the ship is able to load LNG at world scale terminals. The ship with ice-class 1A notation opens possibilities for remote communities in the Nordic region that up till now have been depending on polluting fuel oil for various applications.


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