LNG Bunker & Feeder Concept

7,500 cbm

7,500 cbm LNG bunker & feeder vessel concept

As pioneer and market leader in offering small to midscale LNG shipping and bunkering solutions, Anthony Veder continuously works on developing innovative concepts that meet the requirements of an emerging market. Following the announcement of the 5,800 cbm bunker feeder Coralius, we are proud to inform you about our latest concept.

The concept
The 7,500 cbm LNG Bunker & Feeder vessel concept we have developed is combining the best of two worlds. The vessel allows our clients to competitively serve both their terminal ánd bunker customers at the same time.

Features of this unique concept are:
  • Incorporation of our operational experience gained by our existing fleet of small scale LNG carriers;
  • a capacity of 7,500cbm, which is optimized for 1) economic loading at large scale terminals and 2) still being easily maneuverable for ship-to-ship (bunker) operations;
  • low fuel consumption during service speed and low boil-off- gas during port operations;
  • bow and stern thrusters, hose handling cranes and re-liquefaction plant (optional) to perform bunker operations serving a wide range of vessel types. 

Please use the interactive visualisation to explore all the features of this vessel concept.

If you are interested, or if you have any requests we would be pleased to discuss those. If desirable and/or required, we can amend the specifications of the vessel to meet your specific needs and requirements. Please contact us at lng@anthonyveder.com.